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1.  Send me your photos to assess their suitability

2.  Agree style and size

3.  Beginning your portrait

4.  Approving your portrait

5.  Paying for your portrait

6.  Delivery of your portrait

7.  Packaging

8.  Time from order to delivery

9.  Framing


1.  Send me your photos to assess their suitability.

I will produce a unique image from a clear photograph (35mm print or digital). My portraits are produced on a computer, using a combination of digital and freehand techniques, this ensures an accurate likeness. 

If you are unable to supply clear photos, you are welcome to send other photos for me to assess I will be happy to quote you according to the work involved to produce a good portrait.  Please note that this is likely to increase the delivery time.

Where possible please supply a choice of your favourite photos of the subject. Without obligation you can e-mail pictures to me so that I can assess their suitability, or post prints or digital images on CD.  Please send me an e-mail (click on the envelope at the top of this page) to let me know that you have photos to send. All photos will be returned.

Tips for taking photos

Where possible take your photos from the same level as the subject, whether it's a pet or a person - this might mean lying down.  Pointing the camera down or up distorts perspective.  Try to avoid taking your photos in strong sunlight as this causes very dark shadows.  Photos taken outdoors in slightly overcast conditions often produce the best results.

If you have to take your photos indoors, try to place your pet near a window to make the best of natural light, and avoid using flash if you can (which can be turned off on most cameras).

Which photos make good portraits?

The best portraits are often produced from photographs taken at an angle, rather than directly from the side or in front, as in the examples below:

bay horse head portrait

bay horse in stable


Subjects from separate photos - which photos are suitable?

I can combine photos into one portrait, but it does help if you can let me have a selection of pictures to choose from, so that I can put the most suitable images together. 

liver chestnut arab horse

wire haired terrier

wire haired terrier and arab horse

Digital image file sizes

Please send the largest possible image size as this will give me a detailed photo to work from.  If you are taking photos using a digital camera, set the file type to JPEG, using the highest quality.   As a rough guide, you should be able to zoom in on the photo on your computer screen until it fills the screen and is still quite clear.

Attaching files to e-mail messages

Many e-mail providers allow you to attach files up to 1.0 MB per message.

Returning your photos

If you send me prints, they will be returned to you with your portrait.

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2.  Agree style and size



You can either decide upon the style you'd prefer or, on receipt of your photo(s), I'll make some suggestions.  Your portrait can be either set in the original background (as in the arab and terrier portrait above), or a neutral background.  You can choose from an unframed print, printed on high quality archival paper) or your portrait supplied on CD (so that it can then be printed on stretched or unstretched canvas - see Prices for full details).


See the Prices page for a full list of size options.

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3.  Beginning the portrait

When you have confirmed your order I will be happy to e-mail you a very rough draft of your portrait - this can be particularly useful when I am combining separate photos into one portrait, as it ensures that the proportions are right before I continue.

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4.  Approving your portrait

When it's complete I'll e-mail you a proof of the portrait.  If you feel I haven't captured all the characteristics that make up the individual(s), I'll be happy to change the portrait to your satisfaction - being a digital artist, changes are easy to make.  I'll then send you another proof for your approval.

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5.  Paying for your portrait

When you have approved your portrait, you can pay me by PayPal (using your credit or debit card - you don't have to have a PayPal account to use this facility), BACS transfer or cheque.  PayPal can cut as much as 5 days off the delivery time.

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6.  Delivery of your portrait

When your payment has cleared I will despatch your portrait to either your address or an alternative delivery address if you prefer (I use Special Delivery, which is guaranteed next day and requires a signature).  I'll e-mail you confirmation of despatch. 

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7.  Packaging

Your portrait will be delivered carefully wrapped in tissue paper in a strong, cardboard roll.  Using Special Delivery mail minimises the time your portrait is in the post, and damage is most unusual.  Should your portrait arrive in a damaged condition, please return it with the original packing, for a replacement.

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8.  Time from order to delivery

I will deliver your portrait in less than two weeks from confirmation of your order.  Please advise me if you have a specific deadline - I can usually meet your requirements.

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9.  Framing

I don't supply framed portraits, as the cost of packaging and posting such a large and fragile item is very high. 

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